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DARE to be the SOUL(MAN)
As a Leader, by definition you are the Face of the company, but if you want a lively organization, you have to be the Soul of the company. Without emotions, an orgnaziation is just a dead robot element and no one falls in love with robots. If you want to be successful in the long term, you have to have the full support of your employees, their unions, your community and society in general. No business will survive without the support of politics, no matter which political system, eg. energy, banking, internet. Success of business models go always hand in hand with regulation and other boundary conditions.
Warren Buffet’s NEWSPAPER TEST
Leaders need to make decisions constantly. If they don't have a clear inner compass and scorecard of what way to follow, they will get behind and lost. Warren Buffet gave his managers often this smart advice: “I ask the managers to judge every action they take — not just by legal standards, though obviously that’s the first test — but also by what I call the ‘newspaper test.’” If a manager expresses uncertainty, Buffett says he asks them how they “would feel about any given action if they know it was to be written up the next day in their local newspaper.” And he adds, that it is often not enough to prevent that your neighbours think negatively about you. It is even more important to follow your inner score card of what you think is wrong or right.
I was proud to receive some touching Feedbacks when I left the company that I was proud to serve for 25 years. My dear followers talked about Secure Base, Soul Mate, Inspiration and Captain … to name only a few
What would you like that stays as your Leadership Legacy?
How should your Followers/Supporters remember you?
Shannon L. Adler quoted: “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”
Since my professional journey had some stations in my life, I got to know all the leadership styles known in science. So, I think I can judge quite well that the style of leadership you use and practice is very special. You have the gift of leadership which is goal and success-oriented, but which does not lose sight of the concerns of the employees. Even in crisis situations, you never fell into blind activism and instead sought constructive solutions. That's why you gave this company not only a face, but also a SOUL.

As a person I especially want to remember your qualities as a human being and as a leader: a closeness appreciated by all, serenity in difficulties, your trust in people, your accessibility and your good sense that drives to give one’s best … SECURE BASE LEADERSHIP: more than words, a philosophy. How best to carry the message than apply it to oneself.

With you as the CAPTAIN, we have revived the presumed dead plant. That brought us close together so that we could go through more difficult moments, such as during the economic crisis. You have always made us employees feel needed and that everyone is important.

It remains that you will stay in my mind one of the most influencing person I’ve ever met, for the good of course. Several times I’ve been told that one day I would meet a real INSPIRING LEADER, that kind of leader you can follow closed eyes even in the craziest challenges, and that day I should take the best of him and learn and grow as much as possible. You’ve been that person, and for this I really want to thank you.
  1. Leaders are still Humans and don’t pretend not to have human Weaknesses
  2. Show your vulnerability (that doesn’t mean you should start crying when entering a crisis) – but a role model can also be abrasive, if too perfect
  3. Celebrate successes with your Team
  4. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” – this is human and much more appreciated than any “Bullshit”-Talk
  5. Give your Organization, Department and Team a SOUL
Kurt Ehrke
(former Director TRIMET and my Boss)
Kurt Ehrke taught me a Leadership style where people always came first. He really cares about people because he loves people and people love him. He helped many people out of their personal crisis and often used his private money to help. He could easily connect with people and one of his favorite quotes was: "Friends and Colleagues only harm those who don't have them."
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