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5 Secure Base Leadership

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Secure-Base-Leaders are like Father & Son

Care to Dare
  • The high-performance Leader will not only take “Care” for the members of his Team, but will also encourage them to “Dare” the unknown.
  • An example of a Box 9 Leader would be Sully Sullenberger, while a tragic Box 1 Figure would be Francesco Schettino
  • Winning over the own Ego can help make you a great Leader

Sully Sullenberger, the captain who landed on the Hudson river
A cCapable leader who stayed calm, communicated positively briefly and clearly, made the right decisions in good time and successfully saved the life of hundreds of people. He was the last one to get off the airplane after checking that no one was left behind.
He acted ego-free & fearless

Francesco Schettino, the captain who sank a cruise ship
Inept leader who undertook a risky, ego driven manoeuvre that sank the ship. He panicked, did not communicate or did not lead in times of crisis. He was among the first people to leave the ship and run off site.
He Acted ego-full & scared.

George Kohlrieser is the author of the "Care to Dare" book. He describes how important it is that everyone has a secure base. Trustworthy people such as parents, coach, teachers (Sensei) and above all the supervisor (boss). This shows another important role of a leader. George Kohlrieser was hostage negotiator for 20 years and is now a professor of leadership at the IMD Business School.
In many dramatic cases, in which he himself was taken hostage four times, he was able to successfully free hostages. The well-trained "Hostage Negotiators" have an extremely high success rate. In more than 95% of the cases, they manage to persuade the hostage-taker to give up. In such a negotiating situation, it is important that a connection between the hostage-taker and the negotiator is established.The hostage-taker must consider the negotiator as a secure base, only then is it possible to successfully decipher the situation. In the business sense, it is important that a supervisor is a secure base for their employees. This can bring you real performance.
We only dare to exploit our full potential if we feel safe.The idea of ​​secure bases is also important for burnout prevention. The more secure bases a person has in his life, the more stable and stress-resistant his personality is. This includes the trustworthy people in the family and in the private environment. To be a secure base for other people, you have to be stable yourself. The Zen way and meditation offer the right tools for this.

  1. The “Five Star Leader” strikes the right Balance between Comfort and Security while at the same time Encourage and Challenge (adapted to the Individual)
  2. Exceptional Results and an attitude of "Playing to Win" require a safe environment
  3. Secure Base Leaders must be able to act in an Ego-Free manner and remain calm in crisis situations
  4. Secure Base Leaders build Trust with their Followers
  5. SBL’s can recognize the potential of people and are ready to invest in their Development
Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

Landing the Airplane on the Hudson River after birds caused a fatal failure of both engines

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