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7 Leading by Example

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The Iceberg Illusion in Leadership
Leading by Example means that you have to sacrifce much more than people see. And if it is really a scrificion for you, you won't succeed. It must be your wish and you will find the rewards deep within you.

Great Story-Telling on Leading by Example
The movie combines the aspects of leadership in politics and sport. But all these aspects can also be transferred to business.
Invictus is an inspiring movie and a great lesson on leadership. Watch it.
Two of my favourite Quotes from the Movie:
1) Mandela is asked by his assistant why he risks his job as President for something trivial like Rugby. Mandela answers in this movie: "The day I am afraid risk my job is the day I am no longer fit to lead"
2) During a tea meeting between Mandela and the Captain of the Sprongboks, Mandela asks the Captain what is your style of Leadership. The Captain answers: "I always go to lead by example"

  1. You should strive to be the Role-Model for your Organization
  2. You should be willing to Sacrifice yourself for the bigger Goal (you should be aligned with your Family for this Goal)
  3. You have to make tough Choices and live with the Consequences
  4. You will be lonely from time to time and cannot be everyone’s Darling
  5. This Leadership Style requires Authenticity

ROLE MODEL: Nelson Mandela
Getting people to go where they would not normally go
Rugby World Cup 1995 --> Movie Invictus

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